Merrill's Product Catalog: Pitless Units, Kits, Adapters
A quality pitless adapter kit. The flipper series and the wedge series made of quality red brass castings and stainless steel for years of service. MERRILL’S MCK Pitless Kit gives you a clear well with no obstructions when pulling pump.
A True Quality Installation.
Certified Watertight Pitless Kits and CapsTested and approved by Pitless Adapter Standard PAS-1, PAS-2, PAS-97 (12), plus Illinois Code.
Benefit - Approved and recommended by all stringent state codes.
Positive Mechanical Seal by simply turning the stainless steel screw.
Benefit - Positive operation after years of service.
Full Diameter Access to Well no obstruction inside well that may need to be removed before working on well - common problem with pitless adapters.
Benefit - Simple, fast installation plus no future digging to remove adapters.
Large Thick O-Ring Seal assures watertight seal around hole cut in casing.
Benefit - Insures seal to inside of casing.
Discharge Hub Clamps Around Casing with U-Bolt and back strap or all stainless steel U-Strap to prevent distortion of plastic casing if overtightened.
Benefit - Protects from installation problems.
3 Part Kit consists of discharge hub, internal parts, and ventilated or watertight cap.
Benefit - Complete - no cap to add - all in one box.
Use Existing Casing - Plastic or Steel low cost and most of the advantages of pitless units.
Benefit - No restriction on casing material.
Heavy Duty Galvanized Iron Support Bar holds 160% more weight than aluminum support bars by others, more weight than slide together type pitless adapters. It also minimizes danger of losing pump or pipe down well. The weight of the pump, pipe, and water is supported by the bar which uses the top of the casing, not just a small part of the side wall like pitless adapters. Merrill support bar also has a ground screw.
Benefit - Safer and holds more weight, if any questions on weight limits for
MCK Series - Call Merrill.
Water System Easily Drained by turning the stainless steel screw inside pull pipe so entire water system outside well could drain without pulling the pump, impossible with most other pitless kits and pitless adapters.
Benefit - Simple answer to draining or seasonal use.
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