Merrill's Product Catalog: Pitless Units, Kits, Adapters
Protect your precious water supply with a Merrill Pitless Unit. The highest quality installation plus the best for water safety and sanitation. They save the contractor installation and servicing headaches, and give the well owner years and years of long trouble-free service.
Certified Watertight Pitless Units & Caps Tested and approved by Pitless Adapter Standard PAS-1, PAS-2, PAS-97(12), plus Illinois Code.
Benefit - Approved by all stringent state well codes.
100% Pressure Test of All Units* at factory to insure seal to discharge plus parts are pinned in place.
Benefit - Guarantees pitless unit lines up and seals when servicing well.
Positive Mechanical Seal* by simply turning the stainless steel adjusting nut at the top of the well. Custom wrench available from the factory.
Benefit - Easy to work on and will not rust.
Full Diameter Access to Well No obstructions that may need to be removed before working on well, common to pitless adapters.
Benefit - Eliminates extra work when re-working or re-drilling well.
Recessed Sealing Surface* in discharge outlet to insure an undamaged sealing surface when pump is pulled or well is re-worked. Pitless units by OTHER companies do not have a protected sealing surface and use carbon steel or gray iron which corrodes and deteriorates. Merrill uses stainless steel.
Benefit - Recessed out of well so it can not be damaged and is made of quality material.
Stainless Steel Discharge and Stainless Steel Elbow* (Cast Iron Elbow on 8" Unit) to insure a long life, and easy disengaging for future work on pump or well. Outside of pitless casing is painted, not standard with other companies.
Benefit - Long service life, easy service for years to come.
One-Standard O-Ring to assure a safe and simple installation, and easy servicing.
Benefit - Can be found in most local areas.
Male Thread, Plain End, or Compression* available on end of pitless casing for connection to well.
Benefit - Easy connection to well casing for all installations.
Support Plate Holds Weight* Minimize danger of losing pump or pipe down well.
Benefit - Will support more weight.
Cable Slot in Support Plate allows you to install and service pump without a splice in submersible cable.
Benefit - Splice in cable could be eliminated.
Ground Screw in Support Plate* provides a simple and easily accessible connection for the electrical ground of the pump cable.
Benefit - Easy connection for ground wire.
Simple Disengagement for Service* by simply turning the stainless steel adjusting nut, the entire water system outside the well can be drained WITHOUT pulling the pump (impossible with other pitless units).
Benefit - Simple answer for seasonal homes.
Benefit - A well cap for all well codes.
* Exclusive MERRILL Quality Features
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*NOTE: Length of internal parts are bury depth plus 12 inches for well codes, or 4 ft. bury is
approximately 5.5 ft. long.

Custom wrenches for stainless steel adjusting nut available from Merrill
* Exclusive MERRILL Quality Features

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