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Arrowhead® Anti-Siphon Frost Free Wall Faucet


Arrowhead® Anti-Siphon Wall FaucetQuality Features

The new Anti-Siphon Frost Proof Faucet features brass construction, including a vandal resistant vacuum breaker cap.  As with our standard frost proof valve, the "Hands Off" anti-siphon valves include 3/4" Type L hard copper housing and operating rod.  This valve has integral anti-siphon that completely and automatically self drains upon water shut off, unlike some that require manual drainage.


Arrowhead® valves are designed to prevent dangerous back-siphonage and backflow into a potable water supply.  For use around homes, schools, commercial buildings, apartments and any place involving movable hoses attached to a threaded faucet, indoors or out.

Principle of Operation

The Arrowhead® Brass Anti-Siphon Frost Proof Valve, provides the same non-freezing qualities as our standard wall hydrant while assuring protection against back-siphonage.  This is a two-fold anti-siphonage protection provided by a springless internal check valve, automatically closing if pressure loss occurs.  This in turn activates the integral vacuum breaker, which opens and allows air to enter the valve body, thus breaking the siphonage action.



WARNING: When using a self-closing nozzle, always relieve pressure in the hose upon water shut-off for drainage of hydrant.  Arrowhead® Anti-Siphon Wall Faucet



Code Approvals: ASSE-1019A, IAPMO and UPC