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Installation Instructions for Drive Well Points

NOTE: Determine the depth of the water table before beginning.  Do not try to drive a well point to depths greater than 50 feet.  Most pumps are only capable of lifting water 20-25 feet.  Keep all pipe joints tight to eliminate air leaks when pump is installed.

  1. Bore a starter hole 3" to 6" in diameter and 2' to 3' deep.  Bore this hole with a post hole digger or hand auger.
  2. Attach a length of pipe to the point using a coupling.  Place the drive cap over the open end of the pipe.  Always use two wrenches turning in opposite directions.  IMPORTANT: Before use, remove plastic protective jacket around screen.
  3. IMPORTANT: Place point and pipe into the hole making sure it is perfectly square.
  4. To drive point use either a sledge hammer or a 2" or 3" pipe with a weighted end, also called a steel post driver.  A pipe driver can be made by filling a 4' or 5' long pipe 1/3 to 1/2 full with lead.
  5. Drive the well point and pipe into the earth.  Remove the drive cap and add pipe as desired.  Rotate clockwise from time to time using a pipe wrench to ensure tight couplings.  Drive until water table has been penetrated five to ten feet.  CAUTION: Drive only with Drive Cap on!
  6. Clean the well by using either a surging technique or washing with a garden hose.  To surger, place a long pole below the water level and push up and down to surge the water through the perforated point.
  7. Install pump on pipe at the surface.  Operate pump to clean and remove foreign material.