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Installation Instructions for MCK Pitless Kit

MCK Series & SMCK Series

MCK Brass Pitless Kit Installation


Step 1: Cut and thread 1" pull pipe (see chart below for length).  Assemble support bar, pull pipe and pitless body.  Be sure that arrow on support bar and discharge hole on pitless body are in line with each other.

Step 2: Cut a piece of 1/2" pipe 3" longer than pull pipe and flatten one end to fit stainless steel screw or weld on adjustment tool to one end of 1/2" pipe.

Step 3: Measure distance from bottom of support bar to center of discharge hub or use assembly as a measuring stick.

Step 4: Drill hole in casing, the same measured distance as above:

4" casing - 1-1/4" hole or smaller

5" casing - 1-14" hole or smaller

6" casing - 1-1/4" hole or smaller

Note: for 2" MCK model - 2" hole or smaller

Step 5: Notch or mark top of casing directly above discharge hole.

Step 6: Clamp discharge hub around casing to ensure watertight seal around discharge hole.

Step 7: Attach pump and drop pipe to pitless body, apply Anti-Seize/Gasket Lube to O-Ring, and lower into casing.

Step 8: Line up mark on support bar with notch cut in casing.

Step 9: Turn stainless steel screw clockwise until O-Ring seals on inner wall of casing.

Step 10: Complete installation by installing watertight or ventilated cap on top of well casing, depending on state well code.

NOTE: When pulling pump or installing pump, make sure that the stainless steel screw on pitless body is turned (counter-clockwise) so the lever can be pushed in as far as necessary.

Installation Video



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Installation tool available to help make installation very easy.  Call for availability.

MCK Brass Pitless Kit Installation
Pull Pipe Length Desired Bury Depth
22" 1'
34" 2'
46" 3'
58" 4'
70" 5'
82" 6'
94" 7'
106" 8'

Tested and Approved by Pitless Adapter Standard PAS-1, PAS-2, PAS-97(12) and Illinois Code.