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Y-1 No-Lead Self-Closing Frost Proof Yard Hydrant

Self-Closing for Public Areas, No-Lead
Since 1970


Y-1 Self-Closing Hydrant Features & Benefits

Several important improvements have been made on the self-closing hydrant over the years.  These improvements and the basic design are why we believe the self-closing is the best hydrant of its type in the industry.

* 1) Self-Closing stainless steel spring and water pressure closes hydrant.

Benefit - Hydrant shuts off so water is not wasted.  Ideal for public use.

2) Locks Open or Closed simply push lock button to lock hydrant open or closed (Available WITHOUT locking pin - so only open when the hydrant head is manually pushed down).

Benefit - Hydrant can be locked to restrict use if needed.

3) Brass or No-Lead Brass Hose Adapter heavy-duty hose adapter for standard 3/4" hose coupling.

Benefit - Standard garden hose thread in long life non-corrosive brass or no-lead brass.

4) Extra Thick Walled Head Casting greatly reduces breakage and ensures longer life.

Benefit - Withstands years of use and rough service.

* 5) Flow Control Valve Available standard hydrant sold without flow control valve, if wanted, order seperately.  To install simply remove top plug.

Benefit - Flow rate can be regulated easily.

6) Cap Screws hydrants manufactured after 11/1/77 will have 3/8" x 5/16" self-locking socket head cap screws, and assembled with a locking sealant.

Benefit - Provides strong hold for hydrant head to pipe for years of service.

7) High Quality Galvanized Pipe 1" extra heavy pipe on outside and galvanized pipe on inside.

Benefit - Corrosion protected for long life.

8) No Exposed Threads on inside pipe or outside pipe.

Benefit - No uncoated metal to rust for longest life.

* 9) Cast Iron Body with Stainless Steel Sleeve for plunger seals to travel in, and pressed into heavy cast iron valve body for strength and economy.

Benefit - Smoother sealing surface for plunger seals with longest life.

*10) Solid Brass Plunger hydrants manufactured after 11/1/78 will have (3) ethylene propylene quad ring seals, self-lubricating and never come out of adjustment, have longer life, and withstand higher pressures.

Benefit - Longest operating life plunger of its type.

* 11) Swivel Parts permit withdrawal of all moving parts without digging up hydrant.  A 3/16" hex key will allow disassembly of hydrant by simply removing two cap screws and pull up inside pipe with plunger for inspection.

Benefit - Very easy repair, simple reliable design.



* Exclusive Merrill Quality Features
NOTE: Recommended Maximum Operating Pressure 60 psi (Due to Self-Closing Design).  Flow Control Valve Available.