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How do I get support for my issue?


Please visit our customer or user support page, which lists various options from email to phone.  You can visit either at the links below.

Customer Support


How do I open .pdf files?


You will need a pdf reader, there are several programs out there to use.  You can download the most popular pdf reader HERE.

*If you are unable to use Adobe Reader, you can try FoxIt Reader also HERE.  Mobile and Tablet users should have a pdf viewer installed already, if not please visit the app store to download one.

How long has Merrill Manufacturing been in business?


The Merrill Manufacturing Company was founded in 1949 by Noel Merrill Anderson in a one-car garage in Iowa. Noel started with his invention of the Any Flow Yard Hydrant. The original marketing area was only a few states surrounding the state of Iowa, using manufacturer’s representatives as the sales force. In 1957 Merrill Manufacturing relocated and in 1959 Mr. Anderson designed and engineered the SP pitless units, designed to be used with submersible pumps and eliminate the need of a pump house or well pit. With another plant expansion, Mr. Anderson invented the tank float, the front-runner of contained air tanks widely used today. From those three early products, Merrill Manufacturing has continued to expand its product offerings and market areas. Merrill Manufacturing has grown into a large manufacturing, assembly and warehouse facility.

If you didn't find your answer online, who can I call to help?


Please use our contact page to figure out who you need to call or email first.  You can visit the Contact Us page HERE.


Where is Merrill Manufacturing located?


We have 2 locations in Storm Lake, IA.  Our main office is at the address below:


315 Flindt Dr.

Storm Lake, IA



Who do I contact if I am an outside supplier?


Outside suppliers can contact our purchasing managers, there is one for domestic and another for international.  Please visit the contact us pages to contact them.

You can view the Domestic Purchasing contact page HERE.

You can view the International Purchasing contact page HERE.




Why can I not order parts from the website?


Merrill manufacturing only sells to wholesalers.  If you are a contractor, home owner or an un-approved business then you will not be able to buy direct.  You will need to find a wholesaler or retail outlet to fill your needs.


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