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MF Series


MF Series Frost Proof Wall FaucetFeatures

Merrill Manufacturing™ MF Series Frost Proof Wall Faucets provide frost proof water supply when installed through a house or building wall.

1) Heavy-Duty Model extra heavy brass stem with stainless steel to back up packing washer.

2) Adjustable Packing Nut with rubber packing, instead of asbestos packing used by other companies.

3) Metal Handle for strength and long life.

4) Beveled Wedge included with each unit, for easy downward slope installation.

5) End Connection allows easy installation and no need for oversized hole cut in wall.

6) Top Stamped on inlet end of wall faucet, indicates outlet direction on outside of building when making connection on inside.

7) Chrome Plated for corrosion protection and better appearance for easy sales.

6" Anti-Siphon Self Draining Faucet MF Series

6" Anti-Siphon Self Draining Faucet MF Series


6" Anti-Siphon Self Draining F..

Weight: 1.11 lb

Dimension: 11.60 (L) x 3.37 (W) x 2.62 (H) in


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