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  • 10" x 3' SPK Pitless Kit

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10" x 3' SPK Pitless Kit


(1) CERTIFIED WATERTIGHT PITLESS KITS & CAPS - Tested and approved by Pitless Adapter Standard PAS-1, PAS-2, PAS-97(12), plus Illinois Code.
BENEFIT: Approved by all stringent state codes.

(2) POSITIVE MECHANICAL SEAL by simply turning the stainless steel adjusting nut at the top of the well.
BENEFIT: Positive operation after years of service.

(3) FULL DIAMETER ACCESS TO WELL - No obstructions inside well that may need to be removed before working on well, common problem to pitless adapters.
BENEFIT: Simple and fast installation.

(4) LARGE SPUD GASKET SEAL on discharge ell assures watertight seal around hole cut in casing, and separates discharge elbow and casing, to eliminate corrosion that can make removal difficult.
BENEFIT: Insures seal to inside of casing.

(5) DISCHARGE HUB CLAMPS AROUND CASING with a U-bolt and backstrap, to prevent distortion of plastic casing if overtightened.
BENEFIT: Protects from installation mistakes.

(6) USE EXISTING CASING-PLASTIC OR STEEL - Low cost, and most of the advantages of pitless units.
BENEFIT: No restriction on casing material.

(7) SUPPORT PLATE HOLDS WEIGHT, more weight than pitless adapters, and minimizes danger of losing pump or pipe down well. The weight of the pump, pipe, and water is supported by the plate which uses the strength of the entire top of the casing, not just a small part of the side wall like pitless adapters.
BENEFIT: Safer and holds more weight.

(8) CABLE SLOT IN SUPPORT PLATE allows you to install and service pump without a splice in submersible cable.
BENEFIT: Easier installation.

(9) GROUND SCREW IN SUPPORT PLATE provides a simple and easily accessible connection, for the electrical ground of the pump cable.
BENEFIT: Electrical safety.

(10) SIMPLE DISENGAGEMENT FOR SERVICE by simply turning the stainless steel adjusting nut at the top of well.
BENEFIT: Simple operation of kit.

(11) WATER SYSTEM EASILY DRAINED by turning the stainless steel adjusting nut at the top of well, so entire water system outside of well will drain WITHOUT PULLING THE PUMP, impossible with most other pitless kits and pitless adapters.
BENEFIT: Simple answer to draining pipe.

(12) SEASONAL HOMES - The perfect answer for a seasonal home, simply turn off pump and turn stainless steel nut inside well cap at top of well to drain entire water system - not possible from any other company.
BENEFIT: Extra application to sell kit.

(13) STAINLESS STEEL ELBOW FITTING - available for discharge.


10" x 3' SPK Pitless Kit

  • Model: SPK1003
  • Weight: 73.30 lb
  • Shipping Dimensions: 46.10 x 10.75 x 10.75 in
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