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Merrill C-1000 Frost-Proof Yard Hydrant

SKU: CNL7503

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  • All weather powder coating finish creates a tough, durable, and protective layer that resists fading and corrosion
  • Rolled steel draw straps are highly durable and eliminate any side pull on the hydrant's operating rod
  • Stainless steel operating rod is built for low maintenance, durability and cleanliness, and will not cut out the packing
  • Pivot connector with nuts eliminates the need for unreliable set screws
  • Long life rubber plunger is self-lubricating and does not bond to the brass valve body

The Merrill C-1000 series frost-proof yard hydrant is our most popular model. The C-1000 delivers American Midwest sensibilities of strength, reliability, and longevity. For four decades the Merrill C-1000 has been a staple on family farms, RV parks, ranches and residential homes throughout the U.S. Built to handle the elements, the frost proof Merrill C-1000 series frost-proof yard hydrant provides immediate water flow even in the harshest conditions.

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10/25/2022 4:19 pm


Quality build. Eventually you always need to rebuild a hydrant. Buy a cheap one and that will require you to dig it out and replace. If you try to rebuild cheap hydrants I have had the stopper fall off and then you have no option but to dig it up. These hydrants have a much better plunger set up. Will not fall off. You will reap the benefits a few years from now when it needs rebuilding

David W. -

12/29/2023 4:26 pm

Shopify Review

Works well

Neal W. -

12/29/2023 4:26 pm

Shopify Review

My c-1000 frost free hydrant came installed with our new house. It was very difficult to open and close. I called customer service and she knew exactly what nut I needed to adjust. It works perfect now.. thanks N. G. Westlund


10/25/2022 4:37 pm

Top quality made in the USA

I installed this pump in my barn. It is the second one I have bought. The first one is still going strong twenty years and counting. I love that it is made in the USA and the quality shows.


10/25/2022 4:37 pm

Much Better Than Before!

This faucet is heads and shoulders better than the broken Simmons faucets I replaced. Digging down 4 feet and then hanging upside down in the hole installing the piece was NOT my favorite but required if you want a great faucet in your yard. The water pressure is amazing as well. the L shaped spigot, the stainless el and the barbed connector needed to be purchased separately.