In the Beginning

In 1949, Noel Merrill Anderson founded Merrill Manufacturing Company with his invention of the Any Flow Yard Hydrant. Like most humble beginnings, Noel began Merrill in his one-car garage in Des Moines, Iowa, where it remained until his relocation to the shores of Storm Lake, Iowa, in 1957. Though much change has happened, Merrill continues to employ and operate in Storm Lake today!

Room For Growth

In 1959, Merrill expanded upon its product offering by engineering the Merrill Pitless Units, which was soon followed by Merrill Tank Floats. The addition of these two lines paired with the Any Flow hydrant set the foundation for Merrill’s offering, which has expanded to eleven full categories today. Along with the offering, Merrill has grown to three different buildings and roughly 60 employees to meet the demands of today’s market!

Merrill wins global export honor!

Continuous Improvement

Willingness to change and avoiding complacency has always been a Merrill value. We strive to work efficiently and are accepting of new technology, changes to our production facility, and innovative product lines to keep pushing Merrill forward. We believe this instilled company attitude, paired with 23 product patents, propel Merrill as a leader in the water well industry!