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  • Easiest To Service
  • Unique Accomidations
  • Cost-Effective Build
  • Varient For Big Hands


  • Variable Flow with no lock that rusts
  • Standard hose fitting readily avaialable
  • Time-tested operating life
  • Adjustable for years, no rusting set screws
  • Longest operating seals in the industry


  • Sanitary Hydrants
  • Water Heating Hydrants
  • Self-Closing Hydrants
  • Variety for every use case

High Flow, Variable Flow

  • Variable flow
  • No lock to rust in place
  • No exposed steel on the pipe to rust
  • High water flow with economical design

Economical Design

  • Longer service life of seal around rod
  • Economical design that still closes drain hole

Easy Operation

  • Extra room for big hands
  • Automaticly adjusts plunger and valve body
  • Easy-replace O-ring seals

Time Proven

  • 75 years old design. Trusted, improved, and reinvented with time
  • Longest operating life of any hydrant in the industry
  • Longest operating seal
  • Repairable and modular

Best Selling

  • Very simple to repair, easily done at ground level
  • Variable flow with lock that will not rust in place
  • Standard hose fitting available
  • Longest lasting one piece design

Easiest Grip

  • Handle designed for big hands
  • High water flow with economical design
  • Longest operating life
  • No rusting set screw
  • Non-corrosive packing gland, and the best quality

Sanitary Hiderants

  • No tools required to remove and reinstall stand pipe
  • Very simple, reliable stop valve
  • Only one moving part, designed to be repairable
  • Outlet pivots in any direction, by hand
  • No tools required after initial installation

Water Heating Hydrants

  • Great for mobile and manufactured homes
  • Made for cold regions
  • Warms water for livestock waterers

Self-Closing Hydrants

  • Perfect for Public Areas and Automatic Waterers
  • Shuts off automatically
  • Eliminates wasted water
  • Can be locked to restrict use
  • Withstands years of rough use

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